Medeteranian Ports of Call
Three photos sent in by Jim Norris LTJG who was disbursing officer 1951-52.
Venice, Italy
Monoco, a small independant kingdom on the Southern edge of France made famous by gambling and Grace Kelly
Izmir, Turkey, 1951
Have many more to be posted from different years. Don't be a stranger. 

Through the years New has visited many ports and her crew have seen many sights. Some we will never forget and some we wish we could. Some places we visited were very beautiful and waters like blue crystal. These pages are about some of those place.
Taken in early 50s, about 1951, a view of New and Holder in Monoco a small nation on the Southern French coast. In a few years an American actress named Grace Kelly would marry the monarch of this small country who's main claim to fame are the gambling casino's. Monoco is also famous for auto racing.