anti submarine rocket
Typical ASROC Mk 112 launcher. with one section raise in firing position. Torpedoes were fired at a 45 degree angle. On New ASROC launcher was mounted on a carriege like the gun mounts to turn a radius. Mounted on O1 level midship.
During the fifties the Soviet navy was the growing threat to world peace. They were rapidly building subs that could stay under longer and move faster and more silent than before. Nuclear propulsion plants added to the speed, depth and maneuverability of subs. New weapons were needed and ASROC was the best one developed for this threat. It was a stand off weapon. Could be fired at a distance and used both depth charge and torpedo.  Even in todays navy it is the most effective ASW weapon available. Many Gearings were equipped with ASROC for FRAM I conversion.  In 1964 when New completed the conversion it came from the shipyards a modern and deadly weapon that could most effectively detect, track and kill an enemy sub target. CIC and Sonar worked closely to track course and speed of the target and maintain a position and up to the second information was relayed to Bridge and ASW offcer.It then became as it always was, a battle of wits between sub and destroyer commanders, who could out maneuver the other and make the kill. ASROC and the other ASW weapons such as DASH and the modern Mk 32 triple tube torpedo mounts helped give us the advantage. ASROC was then and is today one hell of a weapon.
  Below are a few pictures. Some from the New. Test firing was done on the Higbee, DD 806. If I can find more from New I would love to have them for this page.

ASROC and the other ASW weaponry New was given would make them as deadly to the newer nuclear boats as they were during WW II. This section gives an overview of ASW weapons thru the years.From the depth charge to ASROC. DASH is included on another page.
Naval ordnance
radar,sonar.ecm and cic
Picture of USS Higbee DD 806 firing ASROC borrowed from TCS website. If anyone can find some more of New ASROC firing I would love to have them for the website.
USS Agerholm DD 826 looks fairly small and insugnificant as the blast from the ASROC throws water high into the air at more than a mile away.
Finally a picture of New ASROC and torpedo firing and man what a great shots these are.
I served aboard the USS New from 1971 to 1974.  Most of this time, I was the ASW Officer.  Here are a couple of photos shot in 1972 from the USS New in the Virginia Capes area of an ASROC missile firing and a torpedo tube shot.  The photos were shot by the Gunnery Ass't, Ens. Jay Nicholson.  He said that it was a good thing it was so cold because his reactions were slow and the missile had time to completely emerge from the launcher.  I was inside UB Plot sweating bullets with the fire control solution.

Pictures sent in by LTJG Charles Owens
The MK 15 torpedo was 21-inches in diameter, 24 feet long, and weighed 3,850 pounds.
When New was built in 1945 one of her weapons was the Mark 15 torpedo. Before the early fifties torpedeos were a surface warefare weapon. These things could pack a wallop on even larger ships than destroyers. All DD's and most of the DE's had them.In 1937 the quad launcher was first put in service. Fletcher, Sumner and Gearing class all had the quad launcher. Here are three good pictures of New's Mark 14 launcher being loaded and firing.  If the owner of these fine pictures see's them please contact me. I have misplaced the text I saved with them.
New's launcher was midship on 01 level where the ASROC would go in future. Some launchers had a shield or housing on top. These were MK 15 launchers. The shield was to protect against blast from nearby mounted 5 inch guns. Since these were midship they didn't require a shield,
Notice crew working with jib crane. Torpedoes were loaded manually with assistance of crane and a chainfall and a lot of UMFF to get it to slide in the tube. Also note tourist walking around on main deck.