These pages are from former crew members who were kind enough to share thier memories and photo's with us. Look for a familiar name or a time period and check it out.

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FTG3 Paulson, FTG3 Kruse and STG3 Kabelen take a break between fire support missions off the coast of Vietnam.
CIC gunfire support team,1967
L to R RDSN Bob Bowman, RD3 Dave Wolfe, Sn Bob Potter, RD2 Bob Burke, RDSN Rick Palmer, RDSN Russell Kozac, RD1 Quenton Risher, RDC Fred Bollard. New's No1 CIC GFS team in Vietnam
LTJG Pat Bryan on fantail with men of AS Div, Baharain in Persian Gulf 1968.

New's champion football team in late 1966. Capt. Joynton is in the back row middle
Sonar gang about 1970
First Division about 1971>>>>>
Pictures thanks to Jim Hornby

Taken in CIC in 1965 some I can name.
RD2 Ayala
Bob Burt, Ron Owens
Fred Chambliss,       
          Kieth Whitla
Tom Shaeffer
    in center
Dan Boatman of Tulsa OK. and Rick Palmer on liberty in Waikiki club in 1967. In Hawaii at that time the drinking age was 20 so we had a great time while there. The young lady was nice enough to sit and talk with us for a while. We certainly enjoyed her company, even for a short time. By the time we hit Pearl on the return trip I had turned 21. I spent my 21st birthday on the gunline off Cape Batangan South of DaNang. Ahh, those were good days.
Thanks to Ron Jewell for these two.
Note: If there is anyone unidentified and you know who it is please contact us. Thanks

Everin Smith and
Mike Deleo at Midway Island   1967
Steve Hill in back
Wes Stewart in back with white hat
Photo at right sent in by MC Howard who was onboard 1948-52. This is also on his page. Unknown shipmate in St. Marks Sq., Venice, Italy. Should anyone recognize him
email MC Howard
or Rick Palmer
RD3 Hill and RD1 Wolford discuss tactical situations.1967
Bill Winters was an ADJ 3 assigned to the DASH crew in AS Div. The Aviation rates was nicknamed 'Airdale" and weren't common on destroyers. Mostly found on aircraft carriers since they work on aircraft. Bill worked with the DASH Helo.
This was taken by QMSN Rich Bashlor and the coast of Oahu is behind. That mound right above the lifeline post on the horizon is the Famous Diamond Head at Waikiki Beach. Taken in 1967.
Taken in UB Plot (Sonar)
Names left to right.
Lower Left, moustache, smiling:       TM3 Dennis MacGrail (His face an
ever changing topology of hair).
Upper left white Tee shirt:         STG3 Dave Tillotsen
Behind MacGrail  glasses:        STG2 Rothwell
With Battle Lantern:            STG1 Riley / AS Division LPO
With sound powered phones:    STG 2 Leonard. (loved "Brownie", a horrible chocolate / mint / coke soft drink)
The quiet guy to right of Leonard:     STG3 Phil English (me)
Right of Phil         SN Burchett ( nickname Clem or Mule Man, Franklin, Ky)
Sitting in the chair        TM3 Charles O'Leary ( my buddy, Pittsburgh Pa.)
Standing far right: STG2 Bailey, soon transferred to WesPac
Phil English   Salinas, Ca
AS Division pictures   from Phil English
From back row standing, left to right, Grabowski, Foster, Snake, Luckey, Mason, Coleman, Romero, Sanders
Left to right third row back kneeling, Kitter, San Miguel, ?, Leidheiser, Paris, Cohen, Cooper
Second row from front sitting, left to right, Rice, Thompson, Cote, Shelton, Martinez, Cooper
Front row reclining, Hill
New's 1st Div 1974
Ships in background are New, Wiliam V Pratt, DLG 13 and Dupont DD 941 can be seen peeking in on the other side of the pier.
Angel Vasquez bottom center
From MC Howard
Picture below  is from a boar hunt showing crew members with rifle and a killed beast with some local people around and kids no doubt in awe. I would be surprised if in todays navy crew members could still do this. Most countries have outlawed guns by law abiding  private owners anyway. I believe this is in Turkey.
Left to right D.R. Sobieck,  LLoyd McCintock,  Ollie Underwood and UNknown.
4 friends from MC Howard
We all joined the Navy on April 4th, 1948, went through boot camp  together and all went aboard the USS NEW at the same time.All were  discharged in April 1952.
Left to Right-J.W.Giotis-R.G.Haehner-M.C.Howard-R.L.Hess.
J.W.Giotis and R.L.Hess are Deceased.
crews quarters
Earl Langford
RDSN Joe Taulman
Above Larry Landrum poses on Stb bridge wing in 1965
* Assigned to USS New DDE 818  July 52   Norfolk, VA
* EMP3 16 May 53 while aboard
PHOTO: 2nd Row 2nd person   Rocco Natalicchio  (NY)
                2nd Row 3rd person   (DAD)  Robert S Atlee (PA)
                2nd Row 4th person     Albert Albanese  
                2nd Row 5th person     Lawrence (Larry) Leonard  (NJ)
Photo of from Kieth Atlee, son of Robert Atlee.
I have enclosed a photo of his Electricians Mate graduating class 11 July 52  Montgomery Jr. College and a few mates that were aboard the New with him. Kieth Atlee
Some RD's having fun with fresh water washdown of O1 level Fwd during the Panama Canal transit in 1967. RDSN Wolf with hose nozzle, RDSN McCormick, SN Potter, RDSN Tortorice and RDSN Hill
67 cruise book photo of SM2 Vanderlyke
RD1 Bellamy on bridge wing off Veitnam coast.
Daniel J Yurcovic from Allentown Pa. was  a plank owner and a WW 2 vet. New was his second ship. He made the Gitmo and Med cruise of 1946.
Bill Sowell was a SN in 1st Div in 1970. Taken Saturday afternoon after work on the fantail. USS Tidewater in background. Bill and his wife own a trucking company and haul frieght between Arkansas and California.
In the right photo clockwise from the bottom are: Angel Vasquez, Jim Hornby, Ron Bennett, Joe Miller , and Dale Milks. 1971. Thanks to Joe Hurd for identifying.
Ron Karow in 1967. Probobly a QM 3 then but made QM 2 by the end of the cruise.
BMSN Rohler
SN Harris
Sn Cheatwood
Sn Holt
SN Tom Wilson
This is a great shot. Porthole. Looks like from the yeomans office midship stbd side. Side Boys is an old naval tradition. Piping the big brass on board. Looks like a commadore coming on board New for a visit or inspection.

1967 OI Div Radar Gang. Well part of it anyway. Taken on the Starbord ridge Wing.
Front is RD3 Ricky Renz, RD1 Quentin Risher, RD1 Steve Wolford.
Behind is RD3 Danny Boatman, RD3 Dave Wolf, RD3 Milan Hill and RD2 Bob Burt.
Sn Wilson later became IC3.
Jerry Frissell RD3 1958 Med cruise