Above CDR Joynton congratulates LTJG Don Freese and the DASH crew upon completing 500 accident free landings. LTJG Don Freese and Ens. Ray Moore are the DASH controllers.
DASH Crew: Cutlip EN2, Brimlow ATN3, Meck ETN3, Frederick EM3, Clark ETR3, Azeredo EN3, Frederick SFMSN.

New, a FRAM I destroyer with DASH aboard frequently flew DASH while at sea. DASH was a highly effective anti-submarine weapon. It was very manueverable, carried two torpedoes, flew at high speeds and had a long endurance. It was an unmanned, radio controlled helo. DASH was controlled by CIC ( Combat Information Center) during submarine tracking operations. (ASW Ops). CIC coorinated with Sonar on the Subs position, kept a plot of the ships and subs positions and recommended course and speed changes to the bridge for the ship and tracked and recommended, flight course and speed changes to the DASH controllers to keep it in an attack posiition over the target. CIC could also keep a position on DASH with surface search radar. When the operation was over or the torpedoes expended CIC recommended course of return for DASH to the DASH controllers and it was they who would fly it back and safely land it back on New's DASH deck..

While LTJG Freese was in charge of New's DASH he is very proud to say they never lost one. That is an excellent record.New was a good ship for many reasons. This is another one.

LTJG Don Freese
Ens Ray Moore
Above and below photos CTSY Don Freese.
These were taken from the 1966 cruise book.
LTJG Freese and Ens. Moore DASH controllers
This little helocopter was always a curiosity among school children where ever it was shown. These two young fellows from Mombasa Kenya, like so many were mystified and delighted by this strange looking flying machine. They also enjoyed some good ice cream during thier tour of the ship.
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photo ctsy Don Freese
photo from 66 cruise book
Ensign Ray Moore and LTJG Don Freese holding award for 500 accident free landings.
Flight deck looking aft
DASH control station
ctsy Don Freese
Other weapon systems
ADJ 3 Bill Winters left of Tennessee and and SN Roger Abbot of West Virginia inside the DASH hanger during 1967. That is one of the DASH behind them.
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Drone Anti Submarine Helocopter
           Drone Anti Submarine Helocopter