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 Tin Can Sailors
TCS Chat Room
(Chat With Other Old Sailors)

Destroyers Online
a great site for and about destroyers

USS Morton DD 948

USS Corry DD 817

USS Bausell DD 845

USS Halsey DLG/CG 23
Capt Nolan was CO of Halsey after New)

US Navy Memorial Foundation

Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club

(An interesting site with lots of neat
stuff and some good links too)

Remember the Attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 by Isreal????
(A very good web page)

Links for other military site
US 8th Armored Div. WWII

Links for American history sites

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Maryland Div. SCV

Pvt Wallace Bowling camp 1400 SCV, LaPlata Md

Capt James I. Waddell camp 1608 SCV
Annapolis Md

Maj. Gen. Arnold Elzey camp 1940 SCV
Salisbury Md

Maryland Line CSA camp 1741
Upper Marlboro Md

Point Lookout POW Decendants Org.

Confederate Memorial Park
at Point Lookout Maryland

Marylands Confederate Heritage

( A good page of true history)

Great site about the Confederate States Navy

Museum of the Confederacy
Richmond, Va.
New's little ASW helo page
New, prior to FRAM I conversion was attatched to and operated with DesRon 36
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Ship model websites
Mike Kear, an Australian radio personality who plays good BlueGrass music and is broadcast online at
is also an avid ship modeler.
Check out the website
poems and writings of the sea
hoax or not-true or false
A lot of these email stories being passed around are far from the truth. Use this excellent website to find the true story or if the one you just receieved is true or not before you forward it to friends.

website about FRAM destroyers
Veitnam Veterans memorial website
Below are two site on USS Scorpian,
Submarine that went down.
New participated in the search of 1968
some gave all
all gave some
some gave all
all gave some
Shipmate Buseness Website Links
Gil Raynor MM3 66-67
Gil Raynor
RAYNOR & ASSOCIATES- A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business
email: (office)
Telephone 800-424-8372
Fax 888-759-4138
Reach me by ICQ. ICQ# is 3238100 for sub related mercandise and special orders and we also do custom ship caps with surface warfare insignia.
US Navy Historic Fleet

USS Forrest Sherman DD 931
( We Need help to bring to Maryland )
USS Edson DD 946
( Status On Hold)
USS Orlick DD886
( Houston, Texas)
USS Cavalla SS 244
(Galveston, Texas)
USS Stewart DE 238
(Galveston, Texas)
The Rebel Store
appearal, flags and many other items on Southern History
VFW and American Legion Post Websites
VFW Post 8343 Waterford, Wisconsin
Prayers In Bubbles
P.O. Box 265 Constantine, Michigan 49042
visit website
Prayers in Bubbles” is a simple act where we write letters.  Letters to the enlisted serving abroad (in conflict or in kind), thanking them for their commitment and devoutness, by paying tribute with garner, a parade and taking a moment to salute our soldiers in solace, and releasing as many bubbles as one can - Wow.
P.S.  I will blow a bubble for you!

BNS Wielingen F 910 Ship of the Belgian Navy during Desert Storm
Naval Ships Websites of our Allies
Portrait of Admiral Burke hanging at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD showing his first command, USS Mugford D 389, 1938-39.
Shipmate Jerry Trail, BT1 65-68 is a radio country DJ in Madison FL. You can listen to him online 1 to 6 Wednesday and 3 to 6 on Friday.
Classic Cowboy Country WMAF AM 1230 .
Excellent Patriotic Website
Pacific Sub Ops in WW2
Palmer Equipment Repair
Onsite repair in Maryland of Truck, Industrial, Farm and Construction Equipment. Hydraulic repair and  welding. Check us out for other services. 
POW WW2 Stalag Luft  IV