Harry Miller
Don Baggott laying down on the job.
Chief Sandy. Sandy is employed by the Intrepid Museum and is also a 1st class in Naval Reserve and a Navy Seal too. He's just as nice as his smile.
Bill Humienny, one of the coordenators of Edson Field Days
Ed Harrison
Bill and Pete in Machine Shop
Raising the Flag
Tom Jost Chefs Extraordinair
Thoughout the Edson are many cases with displays of ship models and other memorabilia. Even the name plate from the transome of the USS Massey, DD 778 a Sumner class destroyer.
Items on display were donated mostly by other tin can sailors. Ships patches, ball caps, coffee mugs, uniforms. The models are great and very well detailed.
Lots of interesting displays and history there.
History we were all a part of.
If you go away hungry here somethings wrong. This food is delicious.
break time
The coffee is good too
For information on Edson field days email Bill Humienny
Or check the field day notices near you in Tin Can Sailors Newspaper for one near you.
Dexter Davis Museum tour guide and Air Force Reserve. One of the many nice people who work and volunteer at Intrepid Museum
USS Intrepid CV11, veteran of WWII, Korea and Veitnam. On display is about every type of aircraft that has flown on her flight deck.. How many times has our ship followed this old girl as plane guard during flight ops.
Come and help preserve our history. Look for field days in other areas too. Charleston, South Carolina, Baton Rouge, La. Buffalo, NY. Fall River Mass. Bremerton, Washington and Orange, Texas are just a few ship museums with Destroyers that have field days.
On Edson field days like most others we bunk on board, eat and even see a movie on Sat night.
Bill Humienny will be glad to hear from anyone interested.

email Bill Humienney
Or contact Tin Can Sailors
Two more field day volunteers hard at work.

Gee I gotta lean on something. These coffee cups get heavy. Good darn coffee too, Pete sure knows how to brew a pot of JAVA

email Rick Palmer

Bill Humienny

Field day and Fleet Week 2002 volunteers recieve a plaque
USS Edson DD 946 from Pier
UPDATE On Edson DD 946
As of Oct 03 the USS Edson will no longer be a display at the Intrepid Museum. It was returned to the navy in good condition and is now awaiting disposition at Philidelphia Naval Shipyard. We all hope someone will be ablt to take Edson for a US Naval historical display.
See Edson update at bottom of page