Officers Country
                       And Wardroom
        These pages are for and about the officers of the USS New DD 818
Commanding Officers
Executive Officers
CO's and XO's and other officers will be added as I find them.  I am looking for more to add. If you have any pictures for any of the CO, XO and any officer please contact me. Looking for officers bio's and updates on what is here also. Pictures and information of then and now.
Rick Palmer

Help to preserve our history.
Skippers and XO's names listed above. The list is not complete. We need
more information on ALL Officers of the New.
1945-46 CDR Mathew S. Schmidling
1947-48 CDR Clarence Decker
1948-49 CDR HD Sturr
1950       CDR G.T.Mc Daniel,Jr

CDR Robert Rennolds Crutchfield    Mar 1953 - May 5 1955 (Later RADM)
CDR Clifford Edson Caton    May 5 1955 - Aug 1957
1960-61 CDR JA Hooper
1963-64 CDR WC Cobb (aka Red Cobb)
CDR William J. Doyle    Oct 10 1964 - Jun 26 1965
1965-66 CDR Harry D. Joynton
1966-68 CDR Joseph D. Nolan
CDR Delma C. Robison Jr.    Jul 7 1968 - Feb 2 1970
1970-71 CDR Otto Will
1972-73 CDR Dwight  Agnew
1974-75 CDR Detlow Martinson

LCDR Robert L. Powers    1975 - Jun 18 1976
1975-79 CDR Roberson, USN
1945-46 LCDR Donald E. Lamar
1947-48 LCDR Lynn  Barry
1948-49 LCDR R. R. Brafford
1950       LCDR W. E. Betzer

1961-62 LCDR Robert H. Smith
1963-64 LCDR George C. Gatche
1964-66 LCDR James H. Sikes
1966-68 LCDR Dean M. Payne
1968-69  LCDR Micheal Delpercio
1970-71  LCDR Niles Berry
XO 1973-1974  LCDR David B. A. Moore
1975-76  LCDR Robert Powers, USN
Mike Vision was ASW Officer then Weapons Officer on New 62-64 and ships diver. Sept. 10 in Annapolis in front of Piccadilly's Cafeteria showing off his brand new New ball cap.
Department Heads
Engeneering Officer's
1963-64    LT Jim Robinson
OPS 1971-1973  Lt George Emerson
       1973-1974  Lt Pat Stroop
       1974-1975  Lt Milt Long
Weps  1973-1975  Lt Jim Pool
Eng  1972-1973  Lt George Heim
           1973-1975  Lt Jim McPheeters

A snapshot of Pete Edwards and his wife Helen taken Dec 1960 in South Carolina. The man that sent this to me was a young boy when this was taken and remembers Pete was on the New sometime after the war. His dad and Pete served together in the war.
Good photo of Ensign Jim Norris, disbursing officer on New 1951-52. On liberty with what looks like New York in the background.
Unknown skipper. It looks early fifties and from what I can judge of facial features just might be Cdr HD Sturr CO in 49-50. If someone can recognize this and correct me or update me please do. I need all the help I can get.
Interesting fact
J.A. Hooper was Capt. in 1960 . He went to the Halsey in 1969 and was relieved by Capt. Nolan in 1972 who was Capt of New in 1967.
CO CDR Detlow Matingson