New in Guam outboard DuPont DD 941, 1967
Approaching mouth of Chesapeake and Norfolk abt 1965.
New as it looked in early fifties
After 1950 when New was reclassed as a DDE to counter the growing threat of Soviet Bloc submarines. Mt 52 had been removed about 1948 and hedge hoggs had replaced it on the O1 level forward. She still retained 2 of the 5" 38 mounts and her AA guns as well as her depth charge and K guns.. Fire control radar had been updated and a mast has been added aft.
As she was built for WWII. Taken during her first Med cruise about 1946. Cruiser USS Juneau, CLAA 119 is in the background. Taken at the mouth of Valletta, Malta harbor entrance.  In 1945 these destroyers were called Super destroyers. They were the biggest built to that time.In a few years they would be dwarfed by newer DD's and today are considered very small. It is this old sailors opinion that these ships, Fletcher, Sumner and Gearing class were the best the navy ever built. 
Thanks to James Buchman for the photo
Right New was leaving Hampton Roads headed for the Atlantic then South to the Panama Canal and on to West Pac.Behind us were sad and aprehensive families. Ahead were seven grueling but rewarding months in the Pacific and New's first time in the war zone. It was a great cruise, great crew and a great CO and a time of my life I will never forget and many others feel the same.
New and Fletcher Class DD USS Eaton DD 510 doing manuevers in the Pacific off Hawaii, 1967.
More of New after FRAM. No dates on these two
In 1967 we stopped over in San Diego for New Years . We were there a few days. This was taken during our aproach to the Southern California coast. It was sold, framed nicely for about 30 dollars. A lot of money but it was well worth it.  Picture was about 9 X 12. I would swear that is BM 1 Moon on the focs'le. This was always my favorite picture of New.
Above and left in Venice, Italy in 1946. Above was a picture post card Fred Gaebler bought when he was an Ensign. Picture was taken at the same berth. Good views of the old waterlogged city.
From commissioning until 1950 New was in DesRon 8 and stationed in Newport, R.I. In 1950 New was transferred to Norfolk, Va. where she would be assigned to DesRon 36 for the next 13 years. New was also reclassified as DDE.
Flank speed
Right, New prior to entering Portsmouth, England in 1953. Photo was graciously sent to me by Chris Hodge,Chief Electricians Mate of Royal Navy retired. Chris was on a RN frigate that operated with New in 63-64 and found the website. This was repduced from a glass negative still at the photographers studio. Chris lives in Portsmouth area, UK. Thanks Chris. Have a pint of good English Ale on me.
In 1963 New entered the shipyards and underwent FRAM I conversion and was reclassified DD 818 and remained DD until sold to S. Korea in 1976.
Yet another find of Chris Hodge in Portsmouth, England. This was about 1973 when New visited Portsmouth again. Two beautiful photos.
Below is DesRon 36. New is closest to the carrier.
Taken 1973 in Copenhagen. Claude V. Rickets DDG 5, New DD 818 and Steinaker DD 863. The Intrepid CVS 11 can be seen partially behind.
This photo was taken of the New DD 818 in 1973 in a port that had  15 foot tides that came in and out so fast that it caught the BM off guard and the mooring lines sounded like the 5'' 38 had gone off. At the time they snapped we had a sub tied along side.
This is an excellent picture of New taken in 1953 sent in by Jim Norris who was then a LTJG and disbursing officer.
The picture was taken in Anterp, Beligum. I was a BM1 on the New at that time.
Flint Faulkner  5-14-06
USS new photo page
This was taken in Malta. Sent by Don Smith and was taken about 71
Writing on edge says "made by Franklin April 1968. Submitted by Don Smith.
Another taken entering Portsmouth England in 1949.
Early 1950s, New in a nest in Oslo Norway,
Robert A Owens DD 827
Timmerman DD 828
New DD 818
Holder DD 819
USS Timmerman DD 828 was started Oct 45 but never finished. In 1950 the navy decided to experiment with aluminum superstructures and used the unfinished Timmerman, reclassified as EDD 828.
1953 seemed to have been it's only cruise as it was decommissioned Jan 54 and sold for scrap in 59.
DD 827 was another somewhat different Gearing design. Mess decks were midship main deck, like the later design on Forrest Sherman class DD. In 49 she was fitted with 3 inch 70 and 2 weapon alfa one fore and one aft.
Here is another excellent photo of New when brand spanking New operating in the Gulf off of Texas during sea trials in 1946. Fresh war paint and all original armament as designed for WW2. Would love to  hear from anyone who was on her at this time. 
      New, DD 818, off Consolidated Shipbuilding, Orange, Texas, 11 April 1946.               
Another excellent photo of New sent to me from an old British sailor, Retired CPO Chris Hodge. No date but the forward  stack has DesRon 36 emblem. During 50s when New was a DDE she had no noticable changes in appearance but the condition suggests she was right out of the shipyards. Could have been just after the DDE conversion. She looks good. .