Pictures from the USS New 2001 reunion.
photos courtesy of Richard Bashlor QMSN 1966-68
Captain Joe Nolan with Anthony Fischer standing and Angelo Bleggie
  Rich Bashlor                  Quenton Risher
  QMSN in 67                     RD1 in 67
Errol Hammen of Palmer, Alaska talks to Quenton Risher . Errol was a LTJG
Rich and Kay Bashlor
of Charleston West Virginia
Supper time
                Small group photo and all smiles.
n Front;  Bob Tortorice BUCM,, Capt Nolan, Lt  Dave Griffiths,
               RD3  Phil Tortorice, BT3 Anthony Fischer

LTJG Errol Hammen, QMSN Richard Bashlor, RD1 Quenton Risher
         BT3 Angelo Bleggi, BT2 Marvin Rush
From all reports past reunions were great and each one seems to get better. As we find more former crewmember our attendance should continue to grow. I urge everyone who possibly can to find the time to get to these reunions. We ain't gettin no younger and as time goes by there are less of us to attend. If you have any photos of this or other reunions please email them or snail mail them to                All Photos returned
Rick Palmer
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Always love to hear from any New crew of any year.
The 2001 reunion was at Newport, Rhode Island
Some members enjoying good food and conversation at the 2001 reunion.  Do you think any old Sea Stories got told????
Some "snipes" men of the engineering department and thier wives enjoying the 1995 reunion.
Photos sent in by Bill Butler MMCS USN Ret. who was aboard New in 1948 to 1952.
March 2004 Norfolk reunion was a great success. We had fifty members and wives enjoy the weekend with old friends. I sincerely hope the next reunion will have many, many more attend. We are planning on yearly reunions after that.
Group photo at Newport RI reunion, 2001. Men of period 1948 to 52, thereabout. Bill Butler MMC who sent the picture is 2nd row on left. In front of him is Bob Pratt.
Ray Didur was the Host of our first USS NEW reunion in  Jackson, Michigan, Sept. 25th-27th. The young lady  with him is his grandaughter.
Ray, thanks for getting the ship to sail and thanks to all who followed in working all the reunions.
I met a man yesterday, (Sept 17 2004) who had a ball cap on, USS James Craig DE 201. I talked a few minutes with this ancient mariner. He told me he put the ship in commission in 1944 and decommissioned it in 46. He served the Atlantic and Pacific. This man was 81 years old. He had just had another reunion. There were 8 left to attend the reunion. We have approximately 500 names on our mailing list. Please don't wait until it is too late to see your old ship mates again.
John Newcome
Terrance Woodrum
Group at Newport reunion 2001
Rich and Kay Bashlor
  Phil Torotorice, Rich Bashlor, Capt Joe Nolan and Bob Tortorice
This photo is from the first reunion of USS New sailors.
left to right
Quentin Risher RD1,
James Shields BTFN,
Daniel Sargent BT3,
Rich Bashlor QMSN,
John Newcomb MM3
From Jim Collins of the
1995 Reunion

in Virginia Beach
Jim and wife Karen Sue
Jim getting a hug from the cute cloggers. Lucky Jim
Cloggers were part of the entertainment
   Pictured  around  table from left going clockwise  Karen, Jim Collins,
Harvey & Ilene Hoffman, Dennis & Beth  Butler