Welcome to the New's Ships store.  Now we can show our pride in our old Gal by wearing her name.  It's been a long time coming but the wait is over.
Mugs, caps and patches are here.
Rick Palmer for more information and any questions or suggestions.
or write
Rick Palmer
11240 Chapel Rd
Cordova MD 21625 
               ph 410-364-5277. Evenings best time to call

                              Ball Caps with scrambled egg are here.
                              USS New DDE 818 and DD 818 FRAM I
Note on Mugs. I intended to order the mug with ship on one side and ship wheel emblem on the opposite. Due to the extra cost and the fact that we have DDE as well as DD I decided to have the combination done with both DD and DDE on the same mug. It's all I can afford at this time.  Rick
DesRon 22 and FRAM 1 DD patches
DesRon 36 patch
Mugs 6.00 each, 2 for 11.00, 3 or more at 5.00 each.

Ball caps 16.00 each. 2 or more at 15 each.
(except senior officer cap with scrambled egg)

Patches are 5.50 each and 3 or more in any combination at 5.00 each.

postage varies

Any questions email me or call or write. Thanks  Rick Palmer
For our West Pac Vietnam Vets and anyone who wants to honor one
Things are changing almost daily so please keep checking in to see what has been added.
Remember, this is your web site

Shellback patch 4 X 5 inch
The ships picture can be purchased thru Tin Can Sailors ships store. It comes framed and in the 1945 Measure 22 paint scheme DD,DDE, and DD FRAM I version. Prints are 24 X 12
Tin Can Sailors Website
For the Ladies
For the men, and ladies too if they like
price on scrambeled egg caps are 24.00 each
DDE ships wheel patch
DesRon 8
FRAM 1 DD 818
New Zippo
A patch for all who crossed into King Neptunes Domain. Shellback patch, 4"X5" at same price as other patches.
shoulder patch above 2.00 each. If buying seperate from other items add cost of stamp per order.
Zippo Lighters are now in stock.
Price is 16.00 each and 1.00 postage
Zippo could not locate an older design for the pre FRAM DD so I do not have those yet. If things change I may order them. Keep in mind I have to order fifty at a time and need to sell them to recoup my checking account and make a little money for the association funds. Every sale helps. Thanks
Other patches I have available.
A patch that honors Confederate POW and is a fundraiser for Confederate Memorial Park at Point Lookout, Maryland
6 inch patch $10.00
3 inch patch $4.00
Destroyer Squadron patches
Task Force 77
from early 60s
USS Morton DD 948
DesRon 5
DesRon 11
DesRon 25
DesRon 35
4 inch patches
< 5 inch patch
DDE 818 hedge hog patch
OK, so I'm a Right Wing Nut. My Father fought against left wing nuts in Europe when he and men like him freed Europe from Left Wing Nazi Tyranny. I had an uncle who was on the beach at Anzio and they went on to free Italy from the Left Wing fascist and Nazi's. Another uncle who as a sailor in the Pacific fought against the left wing tyranny of Japan. Myself and many good Americans like me fought in a long cold war against left wing nuts which are still trying their damndest to make the US fail. Many of us also fought against left wing communisimn in South East Asia. And lets not forget our brave Korean Vets. Well if that makes me a right wing nut then I am damned proud to still be in the fight against socialist leftism. I am also proud to wear this emblem on my jacket with the other patches I have sewn on it.
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