Some old jacket patches I picked up in Yokosuka, Japan during the 1967 West Pac
The header above should need no explanation. Ships name shoulder patch that was required on all uniforms worn on liberty. This did make it easier for the paddy wagon to drop us off at the quarterdeck. There were times when we were just a little too tired to walk and they were nice enough to help us out.
Shore Patrol arm band at left. Every Petty Officer has worn this at some time and have often helped some of us get back to the ship, whether or not we wanted thier help.
Just some items that were saved thru the years. Some of us don't throw anything away. A couple of the envelopes were picked up on Ebay. Rich Bashlor supplied the Vietnam and the Ships Emblem envelope. He also sent the Family Gram that the CO sent out periodically to all our families.
This envelope was sold in the ships store and was the standard style during the sixties.
For the 1967 West Pac cruise these were sold in the ships store. Notice stamp price on these two. This must have been mailed outside of the war zone. When in the war zone we had "Free Mail" Five cents could still buy a soda in some stores then. Every penny meant something to a sailor then.
In 1968 New participated inthe search for the illfated US sub Scorpion. This envelope was found on Ebay during spring on 2002. I know nothing about it other than that. If anyone recognizes this please contact me. RICK
In 1970 New also participated in excercises for the Apollo 13 recovery. This was also found on Ebay.
USS New post mark Aug 1970
Thanks to Rich Bashlor for the Family Gram cover.
From a 1962 cruise to northern Europe this souvenir post card is of the New outboard the USS Rich DD 820 and another DD in Holland. The scene at the right was added for the card. A bit time worn and tattered it is still a keepsake and some memories for a former New sailor. When I can remember who sent this in I will add his name here.
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Venice, a beautiful little and ancient city in northern Italy was built on a swamp and a series of small islands. New visited there during her first Med Cruise shortly after the closing of WWII. This is a souvenir photo sent in by Dennis Butler
Standard Ships Lighter of the FRAM 1 version on left, DDE lighter from mid fifties, [notice deeper engraving], and the 1967 West Pac lighter which came in two sizes, standard and slim. Both sizes of the Vietnam lighter sold out in a week and no more were made.
Thanks to Rich Bashlor for sharing these, except the DDE lighter.
Plaque from DesFlot 4 which New was part of.
New was in Desron 36 during it's DDE days up to 1963 when New went into the shipyards for it modernization, FRAM, which is Fleet Rehabilitaion And Modernization. Prior to   1950 and back it was in DesRon 8.
In 1964 New emerged from the shipyards a completely overhauled fighting machine. New sonar, radar and ASW weapons designed to combat the growing threat of Soviet nuclear submarines.
Below are some nice scans of envelopes from a collector in Germany who was kind enough to share them with us. Mr Wolfgang Hechler of Muhlbergweg, Germany has been collecting these and other items of memorabilia   of naval ships.
At left is the ships belt buckle sold in ships store. On the right is one Rich Bashlor had made, probobly in Yokosuska Japan in 67. There was a shop there that made patches and did engraving. You caould have any design on it you wanted. The now famous Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club patch was first made at this little shop. Rich was a quartermaster from West "By God" Virginia.
This liberty card was sent in by MC Howard. The Navy used these until about 1970 and did away with them. If you were off the ship you had better be in proper uniform and have your ID card and the Liberty Card to show gate guards, shore patrol and first and last the quarterdeck watch officer.
This little laminated card was designed to protect service members from cruel punishment if taken as a POW. It was an agreement made at the Geneva Conventions, adopted 12 Aug 1949 and entered into force 21 Oct 1950. There were countries who were signers of this aggreement who failed to abide by it. Gee, some think those communist countries are nice people. Some of us know better. It was done away with about 1970. I don't know the real reson but I had been told that it wasn't very affective in countries like North Vietnam. It was issued in bootcamp and we were required to carry it at all times. The earliest Geneva convention agreements were in 1864 and the latest in 1977.
I don't know much about these coupons. This was sent by MC Howard. I'm not sure why these were needed on the naval station but you can bet a 2 dollar couon would by a lot of beer.
Below are some monies and not all are foriegn. The 1 dollar with the pretty lady on it is a US Military Payment Certificate and the ten dollar in blue is also. I have no personal memory of these, but then that goes with a lot of other things too. The others are from some of the different places we visited while in the Western Pacific in 1967. Hong Kong dollars, New Tiawan dollars and Phillipine Pesos.
This lighter was sent to me by a lady in Chicago who found the website. She had no connection to the New. She had found it in her fathers belongings some time ago after he had passed on. He was too old for duty when WW2 broke out and was never in service. She has no idea where it came from. It is a DDE lighter without a doubt. The recessed area was for an emblem. Sometimes the ships seal.
Rick Palmer
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Letterhead design when part of the 8 Ball squadron, 45 to 51.
The picture was glued to a slab of wood that had been cut diagonally 
and was taken in Rotterdam, Holland.  We were tied up at the pier from 
March 15-22, 1962.
Jerry Hess  -  SFM3
Post card with DesRon 8
Christmas card from New
Another collectible treasure. A big part of American History and what we have achieved as a nation. Someting every American can be proud of. The whole world watched as we did it. The good guys won that race.
I cannot find the file that came with this pics so I cannot give proper credit for it. Someone will come forth I hope and refrsh my memory. New won the white E for battle efficiemcy three years running. That is some feat to be proud of. As I remember this was cast on board buy a crew member. What a wonderful souvenir. Is this the only one? or was there a few more made.
New was often flagship. This is the patch work on the uniform of the staf of the commadore who rode the New when he used it as his flagship. He could not remember if it was worn over or under the ships patch.