Carlos G. Studabaker 1927 to1967
           FTC 65-67
Aubrey Lanny Adams Sr. age75  April 19, 2010
   on board 1952-53
Roger Abbot    Died April 16, 1998
    Sn AS Div     1966-68

Billy Ray Arnold      Nov. 2002
      DC2  1959-1962      Hertford, NC

Paul Barone Jr.
  1995  Chesapeake, Va.
     BT1 1960-67

Ernest Banke     Feb 6 2001
     PN  3   1948-1949     Miller Place NY

Laurence Bearse   No Date
      1961       1962May 2006   Fallston MD
Donald C. Beckmann      Dates Unknown

  James Bergeron  Jan. 28, 1996
     MM  3     1966-1968       Woodlawn, Pa.

Niles Berry    Deceased 5/31/05   Executive Officer of New 1970-71

Robert K. Birchard   1932-1976
       Montrose Pa              FT3 1954-1956

Jack Briel   Jan. 13, 2000
      1955-1959              Grandville, Mi.

Bernard Bromley  April 15, 2001
                                        Hart, Mi.
Darrell A. Burnett, age 59,  January 31st 2005
                             EN2 65 to 70     Mullenvlille, Kansas
William W. Butler  MMCS USN Ret   age78
      Aug. 19, 1929 - July 31, 2008

A lfred R CeaserJr. Sept 27 ,1935 Nov 23, 2009
    RD2  1952-1958  Somerset, NJ

Max Chamblee died Nov. 11, 2002
Fred Chambliss , Ohio, RD3 1965-66

John D. Christie 
  B December 29, 1941, D August 17, 2007.
     Wadsworth OH.  RM2 60-62

Alvin Claiborne  D 3-18-04

  Jack Dale   2003 Newark NJ
   BT  52-55

LeRoy Decker   Oct. 17,2005  
          RM1   5/60  -12/61  Fort Madison       IA
Howard Delaney   March 31. 1991
Sam Donaghy  June 24 at the Phoenix VA Medical Center
                            Buried at Osawatomie, KS on July 2
George Donnelly  Dates Unknown
     MM   3   1950-1953           Wales Center, NY.
Donald Drogseth    D  1983     Minniapolis, Minnisota
     MM3  66 to 68
Robert Duer  Dates Unknown
Morgan Evans ET2 died in 1966

Harrison Floyd       June 17, 1998

Nick J Folk  11/28/07  Hamilton NJ
            MM1    1952 to 56

Mike Fox    Nov. 24, 2005   BM2 1970-71
    Antioch, Tennessee

Fred  Gaebler   deceased March 2006  1946  - 1947   1st Lt   
                                     Joliet, IL
  James W Giotis         1948 to 1952
    B-Sept.19-1930    D-DEC. 21-1989 Balto.Md.

Greg Gumm    died 2003       Chilocothe OH       
       SN 61-62
  Jerry Hardy       Date Unknown    SM3   66 to 68

George Harrell   FTC         April 4th 1984
retired while on New in 1958
Tracy Hawkins BT3 died in 1966

Thomas John Haydu  
  June 3, 1962
Gave his life to the sea in the service to his country
Lost near Iceland

Robert Hess  D 2001  on board 48-52

  Jesse R Hewitt    3-9-1930 to 9-3-2000 age 70
         on board 1948-1952
  John Hoctor  61-64 died Jan. 31, 2007    1961-62  MM2
    Cincinnati, OH.
"Tex" Kelly  died in 1952 from severe burns suffered in a steam line break in forward fireroom

Dennis Kempf      Sept 28, 2000
    SK2 65-68

Walter Lebold        Feb 14, 1977

David Locklear            2000
SN 1st Div 1966-1968     from Maxton N.C.

Edwin Lubas        March 20, 1999

  James A Maddox     1976
    on board 1948-1952

Hubert Clinton Manning BTCS  USN Ret
9-14-45  to 6-25-05   Served on USS New DD 818 July 65 to Sept 68

  James Masters  Laurel  MS    FN   1952-1953

Walter McAllistor
served on USS New DD 818 in 1945

Cornelius McCafferty     KIA Vietnam 1968
    SM1  1965-68

  Joseph W. McGrogan
June 14, 2007 BT1 1952-56
  James "Ernie" McIntyre 
   AGE 56  GMG3 65-67

George Metts   
    Dates Unknown   BMC    1950-53
Hanahan SC

George R. Miller     
D- Feb.2005                     
                                      Seaman    46-48
Kenneth Miller
   D: Sept. 2004
     Engeneering Officer 1959-60     North Canton, Ohio

Theodore Molnar     November 6, 1939 - March 7, 2006   age 66
            Philidelphia, PA  on board 59-62

  Jack Moraski    D: April 2005  age 70

Tom Mullaney   died on November 15, 2002
  PN2, Circa '52-55    Lived in Tonawanda, NY

William Newkirk    died  2001
GMG1     64 to 70   Philadelpha, Pa

Carl Oswald    Dates unknown    From Soux St. Marie, Michigan
     on board 1952-1955   MM2 Forward engine room

E.A.Perrottee  STCM  Dates Unknown

Eli Pollak       March 16, 2000

  James Rabold    Date Unknown  TM    46-47

Walter Rechenberger      Dec.8,1930 to Oct.5, 1996
         RM3  Aug.20, 1951Aug. 5,1955    from West Nyack, NY

Russ Redmon  B- 08/24/1926   D-2007  Patterson NJ age 78
       Plankowner       Cook
  James Reed        1985

David L. Reitmeyer
    6-10-1933 to 9-24-2007

Daniel Sapp  Date Unknown   GMG 3  58-62

Gary Shaver  Dates Unknown  EM 3 on board 75-76

Russel Shingleton     Nov 7, 2007    SN 1954-56
          Ambridge, PA
Robert Sirk  FTG-3   June 3,1962
Gave his life to the sea in the service to his country. Lost near Iceland          
   from Benton Harbor, Michigan

James (Jim) Snyder        Dec. 18, 2003
    1952 -1955      ET1  O Div        Parma              OH       

Donald R Sobieck 
B.Aug.9,1929 in Minnesota
D.July 6,1991 Parkville,Maryland
On New 1948-1952     

Francis Soley   B- 9/18/1943  D- 12/7/2003
    USNA 1965      On New Nov 68 to Nov 70

George Douglas Tatum  Ret USN     9-12-24  to 6-4-07
                           BT on New 56 to 58         
Robert Toler died  April 2006. Baton Rouge LA
   Gunnersmate  1960-62

Richard Harold Underwood       Sept 20, 2004   Horseheads NY
    FT2    52-55

  Joseph Earnest Vallad     Detroit, Mi.
  B.Jan 24 1931   D.May 10  1989

Robert T.Walsh age 72  October 4  2002
Hartford CT

Robert Weendrak   March 1989 in Wanaque NJ

Clifford Wells       Date Unknown

Gene Wegner 1932- 1992
       West Point, Neb.             FTSN 1953-1955
Charles R Williams        July 12 2001

Fred Williams    D May 17, 2003   BM3

  Jack Williams     MM2  54 to 57
Uss New DD818
Passed away December 24,2001

Milton J. Zupon  Dates Unknown  QM 1

Return to Quarterdeck
Eternal Father, Strong to Save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bid'st the mighty Ocean deep
Its' own appointed limits keep;
O hear us when we cry to thee,
for those in peril on the sea.

May all our departed shipmates rest in peace
Please, if there is anyone who is not in here that you have any information on at all please contact me so they can be on this page of honor for our departed ship mates. It's the least we can do. If there is any information you can add or any mistakes to change please contact me. Any birth dates, years on board, rate when on board,death dates,  obituaries and pictures.
Rick Palmer

They that go down to the sea in ships, That do business in great waters; These see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.
  ( Psalms 107: 23-24)
Oh God, Your Sea Is So Great and My Boat Is So Small
Joseph D. Nolan Capt USN Ret. Sept 15, 2002
Commanding O fficer 1966 to 1968
Roger Abbot
Bill Arnold
James Maddox
Walter Rechenberger
Jim Snyder
William Newkirk
George Harrell
Charles Henry Becker Capt USN Ret D-1989
Warrington C. Cobb
   Capt USN Ret. Jan 22, 2005 in Bethesda, MD. XO July 62 to Jan 63,- CO Jan 63 to June 65
CH Becker
W C Cobb
J Nolan
Tex Kelly
Jack Moraski
The Gentle touch of our savours hands guides me thru storm tossed seas
His gentle word
calms the wind in my sail
George Miller
Ted Molnar
Hubert Manning
Jim McIntyre
Morgan Evans
Tracy Hawkins
Dennis Kemf
Russ Redmon
John Hoctor
George Tatum
Joe McGrogan
John Christie
Nick Folk
D Reitmeyer
Bill Butler