Dear Rick:
My name is Dave Seamans and I served onboard USS New (DD-818) from October 1975 until June 1976.  One and a half weeks after I detached the ship was decommissioned (July 1, 1976).  I was a yeoman striker assigned to the Log Room - had a great time onboard New met alot of great people, only know where a few are now.  I can tell you this that our CO was CDR Roberson (Mustang) and XO was LCDR Robert Powers now Captain Powers U.S. Navy Retired and last I knew (May 1991) resided in the Norfolk area.  I am sure that I still have his address (he had a little girl named Magen back then and she used to come aboard and run to the Log Room where I watched her sometime for the XO and his wife and one time I went to the circus, Ringling Brothers and purchased this stuffed toy for her and she was so delighted really made my day - sweet little girl.)  Well when I was on the USS JOHN HANCOCK (DD-981) in the Portsmouth Naval Yards Jan - May 91 I was able to contact Captain Powers and he came to the ship, I gave him a tour I asked him about Megan and he said, when I told her I was coming to the HANCOCK to see someone I had served with on the NEW when you were a little girl and he mentioned my name she remembered me and the doll I gave her, I was overtaken with joy for it had been 15 years and she was in her junior year of college.  He said, he would give Megan my love and best wishes.  Also on a personal note I got a letter from Megan while onboard NEW and thanking me for the doll and it had a p.s.  Mommy helped me write this letter.  Another officer I remember is LTjg George R. Parrish, III who was the Admin/Personnel Officer.  When I reported to the HANCOCK while doing research I came across his name at BUPERS as
the Admin Branch Head for the YN/PN/MS detailing section.  I gave him a call and later that year his section made a detailing trip down to Mayport, FL and I had a chance to have lunch with him.  On a personal note when my son had medical problems he would later play a intrigal part in my career reassignments.  I do not know where he is now.  There are others I remember and I'll try to muster up a list for you.  I also have some pictures put away in photo albulms that I'll dig out and get copies and send you let me know your home address and you can place these on the web site.  Well got to go, take care and have a Happy New Year.

Best regards,         Dave

From Ron Jewell RD2 65-67 posted 3-6-03
I served on her Nov65-Jun67, transfered just before WesPac. I'm trying to find a Martin (Poncho) Ayala then RD2. Went NATO & I lost track. He was carear USN. Does anyone have any knowledge? Greatly appreciate it.

from Ron Jewell RD2

I'm the son of the late James A. Maddox.  He served onboard the USS New (DDE 818) from 1948-1952.  Unfortunately, I never got the chance to
talk with my father about his Navy assignments.  He passed away in 1976 when I was serving onboard the USS Independance--his grandson is currently serving on the USS J.F.Kennedy. (Drydocked in Mayport) 
My reason for writing now:  my wife came upon Ray Derouin's photo of the USS New in 1950, posted here on your website. 
My family believes that my father can be seen standing in the first line of sailors directly behind the seated officers. My father would be the 5th sailor from the right.  He was very tall and thin.  If anyone remembers him, or even if they have other photos of the ship that they would like to share with me, we would really appreciate it.  
So, I am hoping to get into contact with anyone that might want to correspond about their 1948-1952 time on the USS New.  I noted that a gentleman named Bill Butler supplied you with 2001 reunion photos. He also was on the USS New during this time.  It's a shot in the dark, but I thought I'd start here.
Thanks for having a great website.
Bill & Nancy Maddox
Searching for Robert Tayman, TM3
My name is Lisa Ullrich Cromer. 
My husband and I were friends with Bob and Annie and have lost touch.  When
we first met, my name was Lisa Redden.

Bob's picture is on the
AS Division picture page of the Crews Quarters . I am
hoping someone can find him and connect us.  I have emailed to an address I
found for Annie that might be her, but I'm trying everything!

Thank you very much.    My home email is        1-14-04
Can any one help me locate Bob Burt, RD2.  We were classmates at RD A school Great Lakes.  Any help or info would be appreciated.

Danny Timm, RD2
USS Claude V. Ricketts, DDG-5
From Ron Jewell RD2 65-67 posted 3-6-03
I served on her Nov65-Jun67, transfered just before WesPac. I'm trying to find a Martin (Poncho) Ayala then RD2. Went NATO & I lost track. He was carear USN. Does anyone have any knowledge? Greatly appreciate it.

from Ron Jewell RD2    repost 1-29-05
Dear Sir:

I am writing to you on behalf of the family of the late David Reitmeyer.  Mr. Reitmeyer's family believes he served aboard the USS New from approximately 1954-1958, and they are trying to piece together his naval service history.  Mr. Reitmeyer was originally from Milton, Pennsylvania and after he was discharged from the Navy he settled in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  We are looking to find any shipmates who might recall serving with Mr. Reitmeyer - his family believes he was a sonarman aboard the ship.  If you can offer any suggestions/assistance, his family would greatly appreciate it if you would contact me.

Thanks in advance,
Dan Ryan
Need help please. My Grand dad Joe McGrogan recently passed away with cancer from asbestos. We are looking for anyone who served with im between 1952-1956 on USS New and can confirm he did infact serve as a BT in the boiler rooms. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Shannon McGrogan-Twine