3 inch
5 inch powder case
5 inch powder tank
40 mm
50 cal mg
5 inch fuze cap
5 inch illuminary
star shell
lights up the night too.
Caption says;
"This is the proper way to hold that projectile or powder case. Keep it close to your body and the upper end cradled in your arms. Carry the powder case right side up.
These are a little hard to see. Rich Bashlor has saved these thru the years and was kind enough to share them wth us. Sailors have always been ammo handlers and it has always been a dangerous job whether donw with hoist like the big ships use or by hand like destroyermen did it. It is still dangerous and accidents do happen. These instructions were made to educate all on proper handling of these highly explosive shells and cases. On normal peacetime cruises like New had made to the Med and other places we did shoot and handle ammo. In 1967 New had a different mission. One she was designed and born to do some 23 years earlier. New was going to war. After a few days shooting we soon became experts at ammo handling.

Naval Ordnance
Some of the gunnery weapons used on New thru the years
20 mm
This shows the size difference between the 40MM and 20MM guns
50 ca and 30 ca machine guns
These powder cans were stored in the powder tank. Air tight to keep the powder dry.
Typical 5" 38 caliber guns that were main armament on the New. Ammo magizines were below the merry go round.
Some typical 5 inch ammo.
Other weapons systems on New over the years
ASW and it's devlopement
Radar, Sonar, ECM and CIC

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